Semien Moutain

The Semiens are remarkable as being one of the few spots in Africa where snow regularly falls. The Mountain consist of plateau separated by valleys and rising to pinnacles.

Desert Adventure

Dallol Depression

Interactions between water and lava at shield volcanoes can cause some eruptions to become hydrovolcanic. These explosive eruptions are drastically different from the usual shield volcanic activity

Historical Route


Gondar is known for its tremendous churches. Today are about 44 churches, some of which especially those with paintings or owing manuscripts, are worthy of somewhat detailed description.

The Zagwe Dynasty


The churches of Lalibela are among the most extraordinary architectural creations of human civilization. Each church is sculpted, both inside and out, directly from the living bedrock of the earth.

Historical Route

Bahir Dar

Bahar Dar is a small town set on the south - eastern shore of Lake Tana where the Blue Nile is sourced, is a place those local fishermen still use papyrus boats, and just 37 km from the spectacular Tissisat Falls.

Excursion Vacation

Wonchi Crater Lake

Wonchi Crater Lake:– An inviting taster for the western highlands and worthwhile excursion out of Addis Ababa is undoubtly the Wonchi creator lake. Formed after a massive extinct volcano which reaches an elevation of 3,386m.

National Parks

Nechi Sar National Park

Set in the rift valley at an altitude of 1,100 to 1,650m the Nechi Sar National Park protects an untrammeled landscape of mountains and lakes as thrillingly beautiful as that of any African game reserve.


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