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Things to know about your Endless Ethiopia Tours

Contact a travel agent – there are many excellent professionals stuffs who specialize in Ethiopian travel in our office. If you prefer, you may Contact us via email or call during Ethiopian working hours (Mon-Friday 0800h-1800h) at +251-911-718289.

We will deal with any website queries during any possible hours.
You can also book a tour online directly with Endless Ethiopia Tours.
No - in Ethiopia our tour stuffs spend their time looking after you rather than being sales people, so you can enjoy a pleasant and interesting travel experience. We include daily sightseeing programs and many traditional dinner shows in your tour.
EETs guarantees that no increase in Euro/Pound sterling and US dollars costs will occur, once you have paid the deposit for your tour. Paying early is your protection against international currency fluctuations.
Overseas customers should have a current Passport (customers should check whether a holiday visa is required with their local Ethiopian Embassy/Consulate). If you are hiring a car in Ethiopia(which is still not yet promoted to provide a self-drive service), you need a current driver’s license which is valid under the car rental company’s terms and conditions of rental. A bank transaction imprint is always needed for car rental bookings.
Unfortunately we currently do not offer travel insurance policies to persons travelling on our coach tours, but we do require all passengers to have the appropriate best travel insurance policy. Please ask your local insurance provider/ bank if your travel agent is unable to assist.
On coach tours, Endless Ethiopia Tours permits one or two pieces of luggage and a carry-on bag per person. Our clients need to consider the limited boot capacity of the car rental and soft-sided luggage is easier to store. Airlines have their own regulations and some carriers charge for any checked baggage.
You may check into rooms between 06:00 am and 10:00 pm, depending on the hotel policy. If you arrive in Addis Ababa or other destinations early in the day, this can mean a wait at the hotel when the hotel has been heavily booked the night before until it gets ready. Or you may use this time to take a walk, and pay for a night ahead, have a snack or do a little exploring depending on your time of arrival.
We do not feature triple rooms in our brochure because there is no reduction in cost for a third person sharing a room with two others. Although some hotels may have a limited number of 3-bedded rooms which is usually requested by the clients and provided to clients on the extra bed cost basis, hotel triple rooms tend to contain a double and single bed or two double beds or it is possible that a triple room will be a Twin Room with a roll-out Bed. For comfort, we suggest that three adults take two rooms - a twin and a single. Some hotels may get surprised sharing a double bed for same sex and may check you out immediately.
Morning departure time depends on the itinerary to be covered on any particular day. In Addis Ababa departures are 8:30 am to 9:00 am, while in other destinations the coach usually leaves at 8:00 am to 8:30 am. Arrival at the next hotel is usually between 5:00 and 6:00 pm. There are exceptions depending on local conditions.
We want you to see as much of the country you are visiting as possible without spending all of your time on the vehicle. We generally incorporate a sightseeing feature each morning and afternoon. And there are breaks at two-hour intervals or less so that you may stretch your legs, purchase a snack or lunch, take photos, smoke and time for restrooms.
Many of our tours incorporate walking tours in interesting places such as Meskel Square, Jan Meda, Sululta Kenenisa Track, and Entoto hills. These are leisurely-paced guided walks. You will have free time when you arrive at a hotel in the afternoon so you may like to take a walk on your own or use the hotel’s leisure or spa facilities. Pack comfortable shoes with non-slip soles as many historic places have uneven paving.
Plenty of restaurants are available in Addis Ababa where us you need to be very selective with restaurants outside of Addis Ababa. It’s with variety-course meal with a choice of appetizers, soups, entrees and desserts. Most hotels feature a good European dishes and assortment of red and raw meats, Traditional dishes, fish and vegetarian foods. If you have certain tastes or dietary restrictions, ask the restaurant for what you need or inform us for better cares.
As most components of your tour have been prepaid, you will need money for lunch each day and dinners when you have an evening at leisure. Are you shopping lover? Do you like a cocktail in the evening? These costs are up to you. Also, it is customary to tip your guide and driver at the end of the tour. Use Cash changed in local currencies and ATMs are available in most bigger towns of Ethiopia these days to avoid carrying a lot of cash.
All of our tours are carefully planned with attractive sightseeing every day. However, on tours with 2-night stays, you may choose not to travel on a day tour and pursue your own interests.
Many of our land tours are ideally suited for combining and we offer a discount on the second tour. If you want a self-drive holiday (less available in Ethiopia), consider taking a short coach tour to familiarise yourself with Ethiopia and its local rules of the road.
Children over the age of 8 years are permitted to travel on coach tours – for children under 8s are advised to use flights due to the nature of the road that exists in Ethiopia. Those aged 8 to 18 are charged 90% of the full adult rate.

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Discover the real Ethiopia

A. We include accommodation with private facilities in your choice of guest house or hotel; full European breakfast and transport by luxury touring vehicles to and from Addis Ababa. You will have access to our friendly hosts whilst staying in Addis Ababa. Admission fees are included, but discounted admission may be available.
On six and more day tours the excursions from Addis Ababa are generally provided by smaller sized vehicles.
A. You can make a reservation on this website. We would recommend booking as far in advance as you can to ensure that you can travel on the tour of your choice.
A. Yes, we offer a walk in reservation line which is open from 09:00 hrs until 06:00 hrs daily. The cell phone number is +251-911-718289.
A. Yes, the relaxed nature of our tours makes them uniquely appropriate for children aged 5 and upwards.
Children, aged 5 to 12 inclusive, travelling and sharing a room with 2 adults are charged at 75% of the applicable adult rate.
A. Almost certainly. Our multi-day tours are designed to have as much free time as possible. We have designed our tours to combine the freedom of independent travel with the cost advantages of group travel. In particular we think that our relaxed excursions from Inverness will appeal to those who enjoy time on their own to enjoy their own pursuits.
A. We use the best available hotels, lodges or resorts in every destinations. When you travel with us there is none of the packing and unpacking which so infuriates holidaymakers. We offer a choice of accommodation – hotels or guest-houses. The hotels we use are centrally located, just a short stroll from the many attractions, restaurants and bars. The accommodation is comfortable, in a traditional style with en-suite bathrooms. All bedrooms have tea/coffee facilities and other amenities. All of the accommodation that we feature has private facilities which means the bathroom is either en-suite (in your room) or adjacent to the bedroom, which is available for your exclusive use.
A. A twin room is one that contains two single beds, a double room has one large bed. Both twin and double refers to a room that will sleep two persons. A single room is built to accommodate one person. Please note that, in general, king sized beds are not available and a double bed is likely to be similar to a queen sized bed that is common in Addis Ababa and elsewhere.
A. Yes, we can access family rooms sleeping 3 or 4 persons. Generally these are available in bigger towns only and can be in short supply during peak times. The sleeping arrangements can vary from property to property so it is best to email or call us to discuss your requirements.
A. You can bring a reasonable amount of luggage with you on the tour. As a guide we will be happy to carry one full-sized suitcase and one carry-on bag per person.
A. Our tours depart from central locations in Addis Ababa. Full information on the departure time and place of your tour will be shown on your tour confirmation.
A. We know that you will want to start your tour straight away rather than spending valuable time travelling around hotels. By offering a single centrally located departure point we can get you to Ethiopia’s best scenery as quickly as possible.
A. A gratuity for good service is always appreciated.
A. Lunch can be included in the tour price, if your lunch is not included then we will make a stop where you can get something to eat. When we plan our tours we try to make our stops in places of interest where there is a wide variety of food available. If you wish, you can bring a packed lunch or pick up lunch items at a previous stop.
A. When we plan our tours we strive to get a balance between free time and travelling time. As a guide you will not be travelling for much more than 2 hours without a break on any of our tours.
A. The type of vehicle employed on our tours varies depending on the number of passengers travelling on a particular departure. Generally tours from Addis Ababa to different destinations will be operated by your interests.
All vehicles are modern and specially built for comfortable touring. All vehicles have air-conditioning plus large panoramic windows to ensure the very best views. Secondary breaking systems and a host of other safety features will ensure a safe trip.
A. The size of our vehicles varies from 4 seat Toyota Land Cruiser to 30 seat luxury touring coaches.
A. Almost certainly not! Our tours are designed to maximise your sightseeing opportunities so we frequently head off the main road and take routes where there is little or no public transport available. Please also bear in mind that the tour commentary that you will enjoy is designed to bring Ethiopia’s history, nature and scenic beauty to life as you travel around. Reading about your surroundings from a guide book will just not be the same!
A. Ah, this is the $100,000 question! It may surprise you to know that we have a very temperate climate in Ethiopia. The geography of Ethiopia means that it does get sun more frequently in the whole part of the country and there are stronger winds hottest climate in the north-east. If it does rain on your tour we will not be too concerned and neither should you be – just need to cross the other side of the road!
A. Yes, we are happy to accept groups on our tours. Discounts are available and we offer dedicated coaches for larger parties. Please email or call us for more information.
A. Normally we restrict the number of people travelling on any multi-day tour to between 16 and 30 persons.


A. Like other tour operators we cannot be responsible if you miss your tour because you are not at the departure point in good time. If you miss your coach then full cancellation charges will apply. We recommend that you take out suitable travel insurance.
A. Please call or email us. Provided that we have the appropriate notice in writing we will be happy to refund your money Unfortunately if you give us less than 72 hours notice for a day city tour in Addis Ababa then we are unable to give you a refund. If you are travelling on a multi-day tour then you need to give us at least 14 days notice to get a refund. We strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance.

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