Semien Mountain


The Semien mountains are one of Africa’s largest ranges studded with at least a dozen of peaks topping the 4,000m mark. These includes Ras Dashen, 4,543masl, the highest point in Ethiopia and possibly the fourth highest peak in Africa. The semien mountain national park is the only park in Ethiopia registered as world heritage site in 1979.

The Semien Mountains were formed from lava outpouring in the Miocene and Oligocene geological periods. These trap lava covered all the previous rock formation and the type of volcanic activities were like the “Hawaiian” type(found in china) and spread over a wide area covering about 15,000 square kilometer. The layers of the rocks were laid one on top of the other like the pages of a book.

Scenic Value:- As a result of the unique landscape together with the steep up slopes of the escarpment which falls down about 1KM vertically, provides a breath taking scenery which is usually referred as the most spectacular view from the world even the famous landscape, the Grand Canyon in United States of America.

The dramatic uniqueness of the Semien mountains was described by the early 20th Century. In addition outside visitors have witnessed as A place where heaven hit by his elbow. Due to the outstanding natural beautifulness of the topography, the Semien Mountain Ntional Park has high tourism potential and visitors usually come mainly to view the scenery.

Wildlife:- Three of Ethiopia’s large mammal are resident in the semiens. The Gelada baboon is the most common of these, with an estimation population of 7,000 often to be seen congregating in grazing herds of up 400 individuals. By contrast the Ethiopian wolf is now very rare in the mountains with a population of no more than 100.  The Walia Ibex is another endemic animal to be seen inside the park.

About 180 of birds species are recorded in the semien mountains. The mountains are noted for cliff nesting birds of prey, in particular  the large and powerful Lammergeyer, which can often be seen soaring above the escarpment on the north side of the park.



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