Gheralta Cliff Churches

Gheralta Cliff

Tigray, Ethiopia’s northern most region is reach in history Ethiopia, old beyond all imaginings. its culture and traditions dated back over 3000 years. Ethiopia’s north most state, Tigray contains the first outposts of the high and mountainous escarpment in which the country’s remarkable civilization was born.

The rock churches are found in Gheralta, northwest of Mekelle, the capital of Tigrai, is the home of a quarter of the rock churches, some are famous for their stone workmanship, ancient paintings and old manuscripts, and others known for their magnificent view and difficult ascent. Such great churches as Abune Yemata (Guh), Mariam Korkor, Debretsion (Abune Abraham), Yohannes Maequddi, Abune Gebre Mikael and Selassie Degum are in the very heart of Gheralta, making it the home of rock churches of Tigrai.

Rock-hewn churches are more interesting to visit on account of the fact that one can see antiquity in people, things, places and ceremonies unchanged for over a thousand years. the greatest of the historical- cultural heritages of the Ethiopian people The scenery of Gheralta is spectacular. The view of the graceful Mount Gheralta and the far-reaching Hawzien plain is a rare combination of extraordinary beauty.


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