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Unforgettable trip in your life is what we want you to experience with our Unique Journey Inspirations. Ethiopian destinations are harmonious to one-another and our Adventure, Cultural, Historical, exotic food preparation that varies from region to region and Unique Journey themes will allow you to search for your next vacation with comfort.

Ethiopia is filled with mystery, tradition of both secular and religious music, singing and dancing, and  these together constitute an important part of Ethiopian cultural life. Singing accompanies many agricultural activities, Exotic cuisines as well as religious festivals and  ceremonies surrounding life's milestones - birth, marriage and death.

Traditional dress, though often now supplanted by Western attire, may still be seen throughout much  of the countryside. National dress is usually worn for festivals, when streets  and meeting-places are transformed into a sea of white as finely woven cotton dresses, wraps decorated with coloured woven borders, and suits are donned. A  distinctive style of dress is found among the Oromo horsemen of the central  highlands, who, on ceremonial days such as Maskal, attire themselves in lions' manes or baboon-skin headdresses and, carrying hippo-hide spears and  shields, ride down to the main city squares to participate in the  parades. Ethiopians are also justifiably proud of the range of their traditional costumes. The most obvious identification of the different groups is in their jewelers, the hair styles and  the embroidery of the dresses. Jewellery in silver  and gold is worn by both Muslims and Christians, often with amber or glass beads  incorporated. Heavy brass, copper and ivory bracelets and anklets are also worn.


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